Provided Services

For the Installer/Integrator

Ittendant’s administrative panel allows for quick client setup and management of the internet link to VIOP services.

  • Easy installation or upgrade to the latest IP intercom systems
  • No need to rewire old systems
  • No need to enter anyone’s apartment or unit
  • No need to provide intercom speakers, it works off the telephone!
  • Low cost annual fees and plus a one time setup fee and that’s it!

For the End User/Resident

Ittendant’s simple to use internet cloud portal allows for simple changes and updates to your communication preferences.

  • SMS text notifications available. Even if you are not at home.
  • Email voice messaging with text transcription. you’ll always get the message.
  • End user web interface with up to 5 assignable telephone numbers.
  • Follow me: call hunting feature. So you never miss a visitor.
  • Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) Trigger capable. So you can use your telephone to remotely open doors and gates for your visitors.