What is Ittendant?


Ittendant is a service powered by AV LinkPro™  It provides intercom calling features that benefit multi-unit residential applications. It can serve existing systems by providing a low cost retro-fit solution that works with most existing telephones used by the resident.

How Does it Work?

Ittendant provides a cloud based solution for simple multi-tenant  intercom via doorbell intercom. It requires only a front door intercom and Direct inward dialing number. This allows our Cloud based system to automatically dial residences via telephone. The system can dial up to 5 numbers to communicate with the resident. Residents can use a standard or cellular telephone and can even activate door locks relays via the phone’s dialing keypad.



Why Ittendant?    Residential facilities want a simple way of connecting and managing front door visitors. Ittendant service provides a simple way to provide a quick connective link to any phone anywhere.  Someone Comes to the door and rings apartment 108, the call goes to a phone Number provided by the apartment dweller on the Ittendant cloud portal. This could be a landline or Cell and can be sent to up to 5 different telephone numbers per residential unit.

Who can benefit?  Residential apartments and condominiums where a front door intercom is desired or an old, outdated or nonfunctional intercom needs to be replaced.

How to get Ittendant Service?  

Security Companies, AV Installers, Building Management or Condo Associations can contact us at 1-866-937-2833. Installation is easy and in most cases requires no visit to the location.

Hardware Requirement: an iP intercom system with or without video that can select dial independent residence units (Via keypad or dedicated buttons)
Recommended manufacturers:  DoorBird, Holovision, Siedle, 2N, Mobotix, Fanvil, Algo, Aiphone and many others.

Powered by AV LinkPro™


AV LinkPro™ systems are engineered with A/V integration in mind. They rovide the only SIP based system that can offer full  intercom communication and custom level programming not found in any other system of it’s kind. AV LinkPro™ provides a unique platform bridge for connecting a combined SIP, IP and TCP/IP integration into a seamless, fully functional solution. AV LinkPro™ is a recognized industry leader and partner with companies like Crestron electronics. For more information, visit: http://www.avlinkpro.com



Easy installation, only install or replace the existing front door camera and  give  it internet access.

  • No need to rewire old systems
  • No need to enter anyone’s apartment or unit
  • No need to provide intercom speakers, it works off the telephone!
  • Low cost annual fees and plus a one time setup fee and that’s it!
  • SMS text notifications available
  • Email voice messaging with text transcription
  • End user web interface with up to 5 assignable telephone numbers
  • Follow me call hunting feature
  • Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) Trigger capable



Contact us at 1-866-937-2833 International at 201-518-1558

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