Retrofit Solution

Ittendant makes Intercom Retrofitting easy!

Telephone entry and two wire intercom systems have been around for many years.

They would provide a call from the intercom direclty to a residents landline telephone.

What they usually lack are the ability to easily change the number without having to contact a service provider. They usually are limited to dialing only one telephone number only and do not allow for any added features.

Updating to new DoorBird IP intercom systems will provide an easy and reliable solution that allows a mobile app on a users phone to receive video calls from the intercom station. DoorBird intercom can also provide an indoor intercom station that can accept the video call as well.

For those applications that require the addition of a standard audio phone call from the intercom to either a landline or cell phone, you can utilize the ittendant with the features.

Features Ittendant adds to a retrofitted Intercom solution:

  • Add telephone calls to a residents landline or cell phone
  • End user can change number at any time
  • End user can have up to 5 telephone numbers called
  • User can get voicemail from the gate/entry if not one answers
  • User can get an SMS message regarding the call
  • Call can come to all numbers at once or one at a time
  • No on premise hardware required
  • No need to rewire resident for intercom