What is Ittendant?



Ittendant is a service powered by AVLinkPro™  It provides intercom calling features that benefit multi-unit residential applications. Many IP Based Door Station Intercoms cannot be used to communicate directly with telephones.

Ittendant provides a unique VOIP solution in the cloud that can handle multiple tenants with multiple phone numbers. Ittendant can also provide voice interaction allowing a visitor to call extensions even on a one button intercom. The system can be programmed to understand up to 120 languages and speak in a variety of voices or customized voice recordings.

Ittendant can serve existing systems by providing a low cost retro-fit solution that works with most existing telephones used by the resident. No rewiring, nothing new to install or change. You only need a multiple dwelling IP Intercom door station, an internet connection and that’s it.

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AVLinkPro™ systems are engineered with A/V integration in mind. They rovide the only SIP based system that can offer full  intercom communication and custom level programming not found in any other system of it’s kind. AVLinkPro™ provides a unique platform bridge for connecting a combined SIP, IP and TCP/IP integration into a seamless, fully functional solution. AVLinkPro™ is a recognized industry leader and partner with companies like Crestron electronics. For more information, visit: http://www.avlinkpro.com


Service Since 2018
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