Ittendant Service

When a visitor comes to your door, will you be ready?

Welcome to Ittendant!  IP intercom to telephone communications and more…

Providing Intercom to Telephone Services Since 2018


With Ittendant, a cloud based service that brings SIP IP based DoorBird intercom communication directly to your telephone or cell phone so you won’t miss a visitor.



Ittendant is a service powered by AVLinkPro™.   It provides intercom calling features that benefit single, residence, multi-unit residents and commercial  applications. 
Many IP Based Door Station Intercoms cannot be used to communicate directly with telephones.



Ittendant provides the additional layer of communication most IP based door intercoms cannot deliver alone. Our technology was developed as proprietary PBX communication platform that allows reliable telephone connectivity for all DoorBird intercom systems.



Ittendant provides a unique VOIP solution in the cloud that can handle multiple tenants with multiple phone numbers. Ideal for commercial offices, residential buildings and gated communities. 



Ittendant makes upgrading to the latest SIP IP door station easy! It provides a low cost retro-fit solution that works with most existing telephones used by the resident. No rewiring, nothing new to install or change. You only need a multiple dwelling IP Intercom door station, an internet connection and that’s it. 


For the Installer/Integrator

Ittendant’s administrative panel allows for quick client setup and management of the internet link to VIOP services.

  • Easy installation or upgrade to the latest IP intercom systems
  • Easy retrofit upgrade solution for older 2 wire systems
  • No need to rewire old systems
  • No need to enter anyone’s apartment or unit
  • No need to provide intercom speakers, it works off the telephone!
  • Provides gates or relays an alternative way to be managed
  • Administrator can monitor IP Door intercoms connectivity to the internet
  • Low cost annual fees and plus a one time setup fee and that’s it!

Ittendant is the best solution for added communication security. It literally will ring your phone and caller ID will tell you “Front Door” calling. You can open the intercom relay in the call with a simple keypad code. Don’t miss a visitor because your app notifications are turned off or ignored! Ittendant always gets you by ringing your telephone or cell phone directly.

For the End User/Resident/Tenant

Ittendant’s simple to use internet cloud portal allows for simple changes and updates to your communication preferences.

  • SMS text notifications available. Even if you are not at home.
  • Email voice messaging with text transcription. you’ll always get the message.
  • Automated Voice Attendant allows custom voice greetings in up to 120 languages.
  • Interactive Voice Response allows for automated routing of intercom calls
  • End user web interface with up to assignable telephone numbers.
  • Simultaneously Rings on up to all 5 numbers at the same time or…
  • Follow me: call hunting feature rings one after another. So you will never miss a visitor.
  • Caller ID tells you the call is from your entrance door or gate
  • Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) Trigger. So you can use your telephone keypad to open doors and gates for your visitors.
  • Direct extension calls to office extensions. Works on any telephone system (No additional hardware needed!)
  • Even works with Microsoft Teams audio phone systems


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