MDU Solutions

  • Intercom to Multiple Resident Telephones or Cell phones

Ittendant  by AVLinkPro™ provides a unique cloud-based solution for multi-tenant intercom via SIP intercom intercom communication. It requires only a door or gate intercom and a telephone or cell phone.  Our cloud-based system automatically intercom dials residences via telephone. The system can call and communicate with the resident. Residents can use a standard or cellular telephone and can even activate door locks relays via the phone’s dialing keypad.

For Multi-Resident installations we offer a basic solution detailed below:


  Service Features

  • Unlimited calls from the intercom 1 number per residence
  • Up to 6 entry intercoms per property
  • Open built in relays from the phone using DTMF (EG:9#)
  • Phone numbers for each residence can be modified by administrator or building Manager through our web portal.
  • Caller ID tells the resident which entrance is calling


  • Easy installation or upgrade to the latest IP intercom systems
  • Easy retrofit upgrade solution
  • No need to re-wire old systems
  • No need to enter anyone’s apartment or unit
  • No need to provide intercom speakers, it works off the telephone!
  • Provides gates or relays an alternative way to be managed
  • Administrator can monitor IP Door intercoms connectivity to the internet
  • 100% cloud based internet solution
  • White-glove setup and configuration
  • Low cost annual fees and plus a one-time setup fee and that’s it!

Optional Concierge Link


Ittendant Concierge Link provides quick and easy communication between residents and building or property staff.

Ideal for any multi-tenant space, hotels & resorts, schools and facilities and even elderly care.

With ittendant Concierge Link for DoorBird intercom you can have full multi-tenant intercom with the added benefit of:

  • Concierge to resident communication
  • Operates on any Wifi, no need for a dedicated or wired network
  • Works with DoorBird intercoms or any SIP based VOIP telephone